Experience the summer in the adventure region Murau

The hearty hotel in Styria is located in the center of the historic old town of Murau. For about 300 years Lercher's Restaurant stands for traditional Murau hospitality freely according to the motto: "Styrian cuisine with Austrian diversity"!

In the warm summer months you can enjoy the food and drinks on the terrace in front of the house, at the foot of the Schlossberg - Murau Castle of the Schwarzenberg family - or the covered larch terrace towards the Stolzalpe. During your little time out in our intimate wellness area you can let your soul dangle.

Cycling vacation in Styria

Cycling vacation in Styria

- 2 nights
- 1 x e-bike to try out for 1 day
- bike garage, bike route map
- Valid from 1.5. - 31.10.2024

from € 212,00

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Active vacation in the Murau adventure region

Escape from everyday life and consciously enjoy the beauty. The adventure region Murau captivates with its interplay of characteristic and picturesque villages, a unique landscape with crystal clear mountain lakes, alpine terrain, gentle giants, green forests and a distinctive culture. Recharge your batteries and experience the uniqueness with all your senses.

Discover our region on your own paths. Enjoy hiking the southern side of the Niedere Tauern, breathe the fresh mountain air and let your gaze wander into the distance to the Karawanken, Dolomites and Hohe Tauern. Our summer gondola lifts Kreischberg, Grebenzen and Lachtal take you to lofty heights. You will easily manage the ascent to the surrounding Nockberge mountains. Let your wanderlust run free and refresh yourself on hot summer days with a jump into our refreshing mountain lakes.

In the valley, you cycle along the Mura River and comfortably climb a few meters in altitude on your e-bike To try it out, borrow your bike from our surrounding rental stations. The summit strikers among you fight with every muscle of your body until you have reached your goal with your mountain bike.

In the heart of Austria, experience pure freedom by motorcycle along the most beautiful routes in the Eastern Alps or during a side trip to the warm South. Be prepared for your (w)hole in one on one of the two most beautiful golf courses in Styria. To give your thoughts free rein, cast your fishing line into the surrounding 14 fish ponds and the fish-rich waters of the Mur River.

Guided Hikes & Tours

Guided Hikes & Tours

Guided hikes & tours with state-certified mountain & ski guide Erwin Purgstaller. Inform & book now!

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A summer day in the Murau region

Through the open window the quiet and cool night penetrates. Once again, a good night's sleep. Snuggled in the soft comforter, you squint into the sun and listen to the birdsong. Relaxed and decelerated, you stroll to the restaurant for breakfast and hear the warm, fuzzy smell of brewed coffee and fresh pastries. The covered larch terrace facing east invites you to take a seat and admire the rising sun. Your intention to experience summer freshness with all senses comes true.

Full of energy, explore the Murau Kreischberg region on your own paths. Climb the highest peaks in the Niedere Tauern. Lose yourself in the sparkling mountain lakes. The jump into the cool water does you good. As you gaze into the distance, you would love to embrace the mountain peaks of the Karawanken, the Dolomites and the Hohe Tauern.

On 2 wheels you cross the side valleys of the Murtal, comfortably climb a few meters in altitude on an e-bike or fight your way to your destination on a mountain bike, letting your body feel every muscle. In the heart of Austria, you'll chase south over the passes along the most beautiful routes in the Eastern Alps. Your motorcycle will give you a feeling of freedom.

Hiking vacation off the beaten track

Hiking off the beaten track

- incl. rich breakfast
- hiking map
- hiking snack
- Valid from 1.5. - 31.10.2024

from € 193,00

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Spend the afternoon just as you like

Be prepared for your (w)hole in one on one of the two most beautiful golf courses in Styria. Back, unwind and cast your fishing line out into the surrounding 14 fish ponds and the fish-rich waters of the Mur River. Your curiosity drives you through the region. Again and again you stop and become part of cultural and historical gems.

Happy, with many new impressions you enter the hotel. A refreshing shower breathes new life into you. The mild evening lets you take your meal outside on the larch terrace. Together you toast to your experiences and eagerly await your culinary taste sensations. Slowly the day draws to a close - bright red adorns the mountain ridges.

Murau will enchant you

The picturesque old town invites you to linger. Like a green ribbon, the Mur River winds its way through the city. During your walk past the old city wall you will discover the many different churches such as the Gothic parish church with old frescoes. You marvel at the beautiful hammer houses on the main square. Walk curiously over the Mursteg to the modern district headquarters (Markus Tschapeller).

Taste your way through the Murau beer assortment and learn more about the art of brewing at the Murau Cooperative Brewery in the Brewery of the Senses. You are invited to forest bathing around the Leonhardi pond. As you look out over the Mur, marvel at the Renaissance castle of the Schwarzenberg family. If your curiosity is aroused, we invite you to visit the Murau Museum of Handicrafts or to take a guided cultural walk. Let yourself drift.

Carefree journey to Murau

Hotel Lercher is easy and uncomplicated to reach. The medieval town is located in the middle of the Nockberge and Niedere Tauern mountains in the heart of Austria, Styria. The easiest way to reach the border triangle (Styria, Carinthia and Salzburg) is via the Tauern freeway and Tamsweg coming from Salzburg or via the Murtal expressway, Judenburg and Scheifling coming from Vienna and Graz. You can also arrive comfortably by train from Vienna and Graz. Already arriving with the Murtalbahn takes a little wind out of your sails. We will gladly pick you up from the train station in Murau.

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