Medium-difficulty tour on country and municipal roads

Starting point only a few meters from the Murau Gasthof Hotel Lercher!

Medium-difficulty route on 15.8 km of asphalt roads, 1.2 km of gravel roads, 12.8 km of little-used municipal roads and 4.2 km on moderately used state roads. Minor climbs up to 10%. The Monsberg cross or the late Gothic wayside shrine of Marx Schokotnigg is worth seeing on this bike route.

In addition to the countless bike tours, there are other ways to spend your vacation in the Murau - Kreischberg region. In the Murau Gasthof Hotel Lercher you can switch off during your stay and enjoy the time with a cozy dinner in Lercher's Restaurant or with a sauna visit in the wellness area.

DifficultyLengthAltitude metersDurationLowest pointHighest point
easy17,2 km470 m3 hours795 m1.200 m


From the starting point, head east to the Stolzalpen traffic circle and continue to St. Egidi. In St. Egidi is the Mur power plant with fish migration aid, which you could visit on this occasion. After the bridge over the Mur, from which you have a fantastic view of the old town of Murau and Murau Castle, you pass the logistics center of the Murau brewery.

Watch out for the whistle signal of the Murtalbahn at the level crossing! This local train connection is still one of the few remaining narrow-gauge railroads in Styria and connects Murau with Unzmarkt and Tamsweg, from where you have long-distance connections. The steam slow train of the Murtalbahn is a popular photo motif and excursion destination for young & old.

It continues over the Laßnitzbach, several farms to the Hintere Probstergrabenbrücke. Arrived in the Probst, follow the road back towards Murau retour.

  • Starting point: Hotel Gasthof Lercher
  • Destination: Hotel Gasthof Lercher

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