Renaissance castle in Murau

Murau Castle is only a few minutes walk from the Murau Gasthof Hotel Lercher, the beautiful walk offers wonderful views!

Castrum Murowe

The "Castrum Murowe" was first mentioned in a document in 1250. The old Liechtenstein castle of Murau was probably built in 1356 and demolished in 1628. The castle was owned by the Lichtenstein family for a long time, until ownership passed to Anna Neumann von Wasserleonburg. Who married in 1617 the imperial count Georg Ludwig zu Schwarzenberg. The imperial count Georg Ludwig rebuilt the castle in 1628 to its present form in the town of Murau. In the 17th century the square Renaissance castle without towers was built.

Especially worth seeing are the chapel, the old kitchen, the cat hall and the knight's hall.

Today, Murau Castle houses the Forestry Administration, the Castle Museum and the Schwarzenberg Archives.

In summer there are regular tours of the castle. Ask at the hotel reception for the exact times.

At the Murau Gasthof Hotel Lercher, Styrian culinary delights with Austrian variety and a portion of foresight await you for refreshment after your tour. End the day with an inn menu.

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