Demanding hike over 8 peaks

Starting point about 15 minutes by car from Murau Gasthof Hotel Lercher!

A fantastic circular hike from the Frauenalpe to the Kreischberg ski mountain awaits you. By car you drive to your starting point at the Murauer Hütte. From here you start your day hike and walk comfortably on green alpine soil to the 1st summit of the Frauenalpe. From the summit along the ridge you can already see your next destinations. Via the Troghütte, along gorgeous blackberry fields, you will reach the Ackerlhöhe after a short descent and ascent.

After the hike you can relax in the wellness area of the Murau Gasthof Hotel Lercher.

DifficultyLengthAltitude metersDurationLowest pointHighest point
heavy23,3 km1.210 m8 hours1.586 m2.171 m


The starting point is the Murauer Hütte (only 15 minutes from the hotel). From here you walk over gentle alpine pastures to the Frauenalpe. Via the Troghütte you reach the Ackerlhöhe. Along the ridge you march from the Ursch (small saddle), to the Schwammbrunnhöhe, to the Prankerhöhe. You close your tour with the Schattloch, Goldachnock and Kirbisch. Arrived at the ski mountain Kreischberg you march from the Rosenkranzhöhe to the Kreischberg summit. Via the ski slope and the marked forest path you get back to the valley.

  • Starting point: Murau Hütte
  • Destination: Kreischberg valley station

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Enjoy the view as far as Carinthia

In late autumn, by chance, you can already spot a white inconspicuous ptarmigan now and then. An always continuing easy ascent brings you to the Schwarmbrunnhöhe. Arrived at the most prominent point of your hike, the Prankerhöhe, you have earned a real mountain snack. With relish you unpack the delicacies. Hungry, you pounce on the delicacies. The deep blue sky gives you a view as far as Carinthia to the Karawanken and Lienz Dolomites.

Stop, close your eyes and listen to the sounds of nature. The Nockberge mountains are at your feet. The Eisenhut and the Winterthaler show themselves from their most beautiful side. Along the ridge you will continue to the highest peak of your circular hike, the Goldachnock, via the Schattloch . If you cast your gaze northward into the depths, you can discover the gently embedded Hauserersee. Perhaps you will be lucky and catch a glimpse of the countless chamois in the wild. The last three peaks are now only a stone's throw away from you after the Kirbisch you have already reached the Rosenkranzhöhe and reach the Kreischberg summit cross via the ski slope.

The long, but easy to walk tour offers you a stop at the beginning with the Murauer Hütte or at the end with the Rieglerhütte of your round. Enjoy the wonderful 360 degree panoramic view. You reach the valley via the ÖAV trail 130 or TVB trail no. 3 (forest road marked red/yellow).

Tip: Take the comfortable Murtalbahn (narrow-gauge railroad) from St. Lorenzen to Murau.

Depending on the weather, hikeable from May to October.