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This family-run hotel in Styria with an attached small garden is located in the middle of the medieval old town of Murau - on the slope below Murau Castle.

The ambience of the house is a reflection of the centuries it has lived through. From the simple Restaurant "Der Lercher" developed into a stylish 4-star hotel with different room categories, depending on needs and budget. Today we welcome our guests in a house that is both modern and rich in tradition, offering every comfort.

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The room categories in Hotel Lercher

The Hotel Lercher in Murau has grown steadily. Little by little, the small Restaurant on the former Kothgasse with the Salzburg Gate, has become a hotel . After the last major renovation and the new construction of 25 rooms, the house was divided into a 3-star and a 4-star area.

  • For transients with a small budget for accommodation but a desire for delicious food, the budget rooms 3* are ideal!
  • For holidaymakers looking for relaxation we recommend the Murau Rooms 4* and the Hotel Rooms 4*.

All room categories are located in one house, but differ significantly in equipment and comfort.

Here you will find an overview of the different room categories:

 Murau room4* category3* category
(budget room)
Bright colorsYesYes-
Mansard room-Yes-
Individual room layoutYesYesYes
Simple and down to earth--Yes
Dark colors--Yes
Wood floor opticsYes--
Balcony / french BalconyYesYesYes
Level showerYes--
Flat TVYesYesYes
Spacious bright bathrooms-Yes-
Separate toilet-Yes-
French beds-Yes-
Family room / apartment-YesYes

Rooms and equipment

The approximately 100 beds in 48 rooms are divided into

  • 15 rooms of the category Budget Room 3*
  • 20 rooms of the category hotel room 4*
  • 10 rooms of the category Murau room 4*
  • 3 family rooms and maisonettes/suites in the category of hotel rooms 4*.

We pay attention to naturalness!

Not only the city of Murau is known as an organic region - also with us in Murau Gasthof Hotel Lercher a careful handling of nature is valued!

Our guests enjoy the following services:

  • Fresh air and pleasant atmosphere in non-smoking rooms and areas
  • Pick up service when arriving by public transport
  • We are certified with the eco-label: Experience the environment - enjoy the environment
  • Responsible use of drinking water


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