Beer and wood town in Styria

The small historic trading town of Murau (3499 inhabitants 2020), is nestled in the picturesque countryside. The Murau Gasthof Hotel Lercher is located in the middle of the old town.

The Mur meanders through the city like a green ribbon. Surrounded by partially preserved city walls and your still existing 2 city gates, the beautiful town houses are lined up close together around the Schlossberg. The Renaissance castle of Murau towers majestically over the roofs of the town. Murau invites you to discover cultural, historical and culinary gems, even cultural philistines will be challenged.

The location of the Hotel Lercher in Styria

The charming hotel in the heart of Styria is just right for your short vacation. You can choose between different room categories, budget room 3*, Murau room 4* or hotel room 4*. At the foot of the Schlossberg, in Lercher's Restaurant, we spoil our house guests and á la carte guests with Styrian cuisine, Austrian variety and a portion of vision.

Enjoy your little time-out in the intimate wellness area. Look forward to your journey of discovery through the old town of Murau. The old walls would like to tell you their story.

City stroll in summer as well as in winter

With the city map in hand, which you will of course get at the Hotel Lercher, you leave the hotel. Your route is laid out. You stroll past small stores and discover a suitable souvenir for home during your stroll through the city. The scent of hot meat loaf wafts into your nose. Briefly you think, a little sin?

The main square is lined up with the hammermen's houses. In memory of the plague year 1717, in the center of the square is the plague column with statue of the Virgin Mary. You are lucky and today, Friday, you can get fresh delicacies directly from farmers . If you forgot your favorite journal at home, you will surely find it at our tobacconist. Crossing the Mursteg you will reach the train station. As you cross, you will catch a dreamlike view of the historic city center.

Get to know the town of Murau!

The town surprises with its sights and museums. Walk across Raffaltplatz to the Murau brewery. In 2020 Murau celebrated 525 years of brewing culture. In the modern brewery museum "Brewery of the Senses" you can take a look behind the scenes and learn more about the CO2 neutral production of beer.

The historic old town will enchant you

In the red house, the restored historic town hall, you will be transported to your childhood days during Advent. There is a smell of gingerbread and hot punch, old Christmas tree decorations with many shining eyes and warm hearts.

Through the gate of Regio23 you will reach St. Matthew's Church, our city parish church. As the patron saint of tax collectors and toll collectors, he watches over the city. Over the many flat stairs you climb up to the castle.

The Renaissance castle rises magnificently above Murau. The small pleasure garden with its many fruit trees frames the grounds. The warm temperatures make the two castle parrots cheer in the fresh air. At the right time you arrive at the main entrance and become part of an excellent guided tour through the castle. No two are alike.

Details for history lovers:inside

  • The area was settled as early as the Bronze Age and Roman times.
  • In 1250"Castrum Murowe", Murau, was mentioned in documents for the first time.
  • The town charter was granted in 1298 by Otto II of Lichtenstein.
  • The minnesinger Ulrich von Liechtenstein had the castle Murowe built in the 13th century
  • Soon after, a knight and merchant settlement grew up around this fortified building.
  • During this time the St. Leonhard Square and the Grünfels Castle were built.

Anna Neumann and the beginning of the Schwarzenberg family

Anna Neumann von Wasserleonburg is still considered the Lady of Murau today. She was a unique woman who survived two witch trials and five husbands. Her last husband was Georg Ludwig Reichsgraf zu Schwarzenberg, to whom she transferred the dominion of Murau in 1617 by deed of gift. In the middle of the Thirty Years' War he had the present Renaissance castle of Murau built. Since that time, the Schwarzenberg dynasty has had its seat in Murau.

Panoramic view of the city

As you look around, your eyes glide past the modern glass district headquarters (by architect DI Wolfgang Tschapella) to the Capuchin Church. It houses the tomb of the Schwarzenberg family and Anna Neumann.

Behind it is the Museum of Crafts. Far-sighted Murau lovers are diligently expanding the collection and immersing you in Murau's town history, customs and craft culture.

Full steam ahead along the Mur

Don't you feel like taking a steam slow train ride? With white smoke the locomotive already makes itself felt at the station. The nostalgic train will take you through the whole region.

On the way through the wooden town of Murau you will pass an information pavilion. Directly in the town park. For locals and visitors, it contains a wealth of information about the region. Made of laminated wood. Passing laughing children playing in the water, on the swing and building sand castles, you will see our music pavilion by architect Günther Domenig. In summer, this secluded spot enchants with the traditional summer concerts of the Stadtkapelle Murau.

Opposite you will find the home of our Samson. The stately giant figure that always dances through the town on the Assumption of Mary accompanied by the town band and the Murau Civic Guard. Via the Way of the Cross you reach the small Gothic St. Leonhard's Church. Bending down with a look through the keyhole you spy the valuable treasures.

The sporting activities continue. You try out the various machines along the fitness trail around the Leonhardi pond. In between you pause. Enjoy your steps on the forest floor, the birds chirping in the trees or watch the excited fish in the pond. Your forest bath lets you see the diversity of native trees and shrubs up close.

If your curiosity has been aroused, regular guided tours and adventure tours with the Holzweltbotschafter:innen through the architectural and cultural jewels of the city are available in the summer. Blind you can trust the audio guide. Simply borrow it from the tourist office and it will take you to the most important stops in the city all year round.

After your journey of discovery, fresh recommendations and sweet nibbles await you daily at Lercher's Restaurant. Enjoy your stay with a selected glass of Styrian wine or sip of Murau beer!