Varied vacation around the Hotel Lercher

Immerse yourself and share our passion for the region with its open and hidden beauties. In summer, during a ramble through Austria's most forested region, a visit to the Brewery of the Senses, a bike ride along the Mura River or a picnic in the green meadows.

In winter, risk a rapid descent on the Kreischberg, a wild toboggan run on the Preber or a ski tour on the Frauenalpe. Discover the city of Murau, the Styrian Krakow and the tranquil places in the district - such as Ranten and Laßnitz, the sunny Stolzalpe, St. Georgen ob Murau, St. Ruprecht-Falkenstein as well as Stadl an der Murau.

Do not overdo anything and leave everyday life behind.

Experience the summer

Experience the summer

When nature begins to bloom, the Hotel Lercher invites you to take time for your summer vacation in the Murau - Kreischberg region.

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In summer as well as in winter

Whether winter or summer the Brewery of the Senses would like to take you into the world of Murau beer. Slow down on a steam train ride with the Murtalbahn and enjoy the beautiful natural landscape between Murau and Tamsweg. Broaden your horizons on a trip to the wood museum in St. Ruprecht - the past and future of wood as a raw material. Again and again you will be surprised by historical gems and special features while exploring the region. Here are just a few highlights in advance: connection of the Schwarzenberg family to Murau or the oldest Benedictine monastery in Styria - St. Lambrecht.

The annual calendar in the region is marked by customs events - Samson parade, Almabtrieb, rattling, tower brass and much more. Let yourself be surprised.

The picturesque town of Murau is located at 800 meters above sea level in the midst of the green Nockberge mountains and rugged Niedere Tauern mountains. The center lets them find historical and cultural gems. The Mur River meanders through the town like a green ribbon. During your wandering view into the mountains you will discover the regional hospital on the Stolzalpe - the orthopedic specialists in Austria.

Summer vacation in the region Murau Kreischberg

Styria - the green heart of Austria

Austria's most densely wooded province - it is also known as "The Green Mark" - stretches from the Dachstein to the Almenland. The landscapes are ideally suited for hiking, biking and climbing and represent a place of tranquility in contrast to the stressful everyday life.

The - especially in the south - most fertile of all federal states is known for its culinary delights: Styria is namely delicatessen, orchard and wine cellar at the same time! From pumpkin seed oil to wine to apples, there is the right delicacy for everyone!

There are numerous possibilities to discover Styria in summer as well as in winter.

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Winter vacation in the region Murau Kreischberg

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