Mountain bike summit

Starting point only a few meters from the Murau Gasthof Hotel Lercher!

Let's go. You get on your mountain bike and start the ride. Past the train station you pedal up the mountain road to the Murauer Hütte. Slowly you start to sweat and the beads of sweat pool on your forehead. Arrived at the Murauer Hütte is the actual start of the mountain bike route.

DifficultyLengthAltitude metersDurationLowest pointHighest point
difficult11,7 km1.189 m3.1 hours807 m1.995 m


From the starting point you walk through the town in the direction of the train station. You follow the mountain road to the Murauer Hütte. From here you take ride over the gentle alpine soil to the summit.

You will be rewarded by the fantastic 360 degree panoramic view . For orientation you will find a panorama board with the surrounding mountain peaks. Off you go and equipped with helmet and protector you jet down the slopes. Through the small stream. To the right and left, the water splashes off your wheels in a high arc. At the Murauer Hütte you stop for a short break. On the cozy terrace you enjoy the sun's rays. The descent is on the already familiar path.

  • Starting point: Hotel Gasthof Lercher
  • Destination: Frauenalpe summit cross

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