Domestic products from domestic suppliers

At the Murau Gasthof Hotel Lercher we place particular emphasis on local, seasonal products. In the kitchen, chef Daniel Leitner mainly uses products that come from local suppliers - and you can taste it.

Below you will find a selection of regional suppliers. In this way, we would like to make the diversity of the culinary arts in Styria visible to you. For you, as our guests, it is also made tangible and enjoyable. Convince yourself of the delicious variety during a visit to the Murau Gasthof Hotel Lercher.

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Troadkunst Bakery Harald Binggl

The traditional bakery Binggl is a modern bakery that puts the products in the center of the baked goods produced.

His expertise, his love of Lungau products, his commitment to traditional recipes and his tireless drive characterize the incomparable bread and pastries, confectionery and coffee specialties.

Troadkunst - bakery since 1855
Harald Binggl
Kuenburgstraße 9
5580 Tamsweg
Tel.: 0043 6474 2239,
eMail: backstube (at) binggl. cc, Web:

Murau beer

Clean air, the purest water, hops and malt - these have been the ingredients for the best Murau beer for over 500 years.

Only high-quality raw materials from controlled contract farming are used to produce Murau beer. Murau beer can be traced from the glass to the field.

Brewery Murau eGen
Raffaltplatz 19-23, 8850 Murau
Tel.: 0043 3532 3266, Fax: 0043 326618
eMail: office (at) murauerbier. at, Web:

Schwarzenberg's fish farm

Clear mountain water of unspoiled nature guarantees the best living conditions for trout, char and carp. Smoked trout is known for its mild and spicy aroma from the noble fire smoke of domestic hardwoods.

Fürstlich Schwarzenberg'sche Familienstiftung
Josef Klünsner, Fischmeister
Schlossberg 1, 8850 Murau
Tel.: 0043 3532 2302, Mobile: 0043 664 2440954
eMail: fischzucht-schwarzenberg (at) meisterstrasse. at

Strohmeier game specialties

Coloman Strohmeier, a trained chef and master butcher, decided to specialize in game processing together with his wife. The product range extends from fresh game to game sausage and smoked venison ham.

Coloman Strohmeier
Bahnhofstrasse 59, 8820 Neumarkt
Tel.: 0043 3384 330, Fax: 0043 3384 3504
eMail: wild-strohmeier (at) meisterstrasse. at, Web:

Zirbitz lamb

The farm has been family-owned since 1898 and is farmed organically out of conviction.

Family Wernig
Hitzmannsdorf 2
8822 Mills Styria
Tel.: 0043 3586 2418
eMail: office (at) camping-am-badesee. at, Web:

Butcher shop - the KAILerei

The love of butchery from childhood. Honest, regional & valuable! Lived solidarity for the wonderful habitat Upper Murtal and also around the effort to preserve and promote the honest and sustainable butchery in the region.

Butcher's shop - Kailerei
Schwarzenbergstraße 1
8850 Murau
Tel.: 0043 3532 44407
eMail: die (at) kailerei. at, Web:

Reitzer's vegetable farm

"We love what we do, harvest what we love!" The vegetable farm is located east of Graz, in the municipality of Laßnitzhöhe, in the sleepy district of Wöbling. The family business began in 1948 with the cultivation of vegetables and direct marketing.

Reitzer's Gemüsehof
Wöbling 33
8075 Laßnitzhöhe
Tel.: 0043 664 5723569
eMail: paradeis (at) reitzers-gemuesehof. at Web: www.reitzers-gemü

Organic farm Grabmaier-Rath

Organic goat cheese and organic goat meat on the Styrian-Carinthian border.

Angelika and Thomas Grabmaier
Unterwald 46
9375 Hüttenberg
Tel.: 0043 664 2608 865
eMail: biohof.grabmaier (at) aon. at Web:

Grundner's Mushroom Manufactory

The Grundnerhof stands for tradition but also the will to try and discover new things. Various exotic mushrooms are produced sustainably and regionally. The organic mountain farm is located in the middle of the nature park Zirbitzkogel - Grebenzen in the Styrian Murtal at an altitude of 1050 meters.

Manuel Kahlhammer
Grundnerhof, St. Marein 54
8820 Neumarkt in der Steiermark
Tel. 0043 664 125 62 89
email: office (at) diepilzmanufaktur. at Web:

In addition, we obtain:

  • Beef from local farmer
  • Cheese and dairy products from the region
  • Styrian kernel oil
  • Wine from the region
  • Fine brandies from the region

What is special about Lercher's Restaurant

Our á la carte Restaurant in Murau Gasthof Hotel Lercher offers a small varied menu with a changing daily menu. Depending on your mood, seasonal times and delivery offer of our suppliers, you will find daily specials on the menu. From beet variety with mountain lentils and fresh goat cheese to pink roasted saddle of chamois with fresh wild mushrooms to Austrian classics, there is something for everyone here.

We maintain close cooperation with hunters and farmers from the region and from all over Austria. We also love it when we can do a little gardening ourselves and enjoy the diversity of our herbs and flowers. True to the motto: "Styrian culinary with Austrian diversity and a little bit of vision".