Beginner tour on roads with little traffic

Starting point only a few meters from the Murau Gasthof Hotel Lercher!

Beginner's tour - consisting of asphalt roads, 8.8 km on little used municipal roads, 4.2 km on moderately used state roads. Slight climbs up to 10%. Worth seeing on this bike route is the Monsberg cross or also the late Gothic wayside shrine of Marx Schokotnigg.

After the bike tour, relaxation awaits you in the in-house wellness area at the Murau Gasthof Hotel Lercher. Treat yourself to a massage here. Also in the next days of your stay, more recreational opportunities in the Murau - Kreischberg region await you.

DifficultyLengthAltitude metersDurationLowest pointHighest point
easy13,3 km300 m1 hour795 m1.046 m


This easy and shorter tour offers a nice opportunity for beginners. Here, starting from Murau, you ride a small mountain loop on roads with little traffic. The Probst is mainly home to mountain farmers such as the farm cf. Moser as well as forestry and here also spring numerous drinking water sources, which serve the fresh water supply of Murau.

  • Starting point: Hotel Gasthof Lercher
  • Destination: Hotel Gasthof Lercher

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Enjoy the leisurely bike ride

From Murau, a road with little traffic leads past the brewery's logistics center in the direction of Probst. After a good kilometer, you will see the Schwarzenberg fish farm on the left. Clear mountain water of unspoiled nature guarantees the best living conditions for the trout. When you leave, don't forget to take one of the smoked fish home with you. In Lercher's Restaurant you can already taste the delicious fish fresh from the pan.

The first meters in altitude you meander to the Joslbauer. Continue following the well-marked route past the Moser and Lindner farms. If you feel like refreshment, then head to the Weirerteich pond. Cool off in the beautifully situated moor pond just before St. Lambrecht. And on top of that, the "Setz di nieder Stüberl" offers the best Brettljause far and wide. Worth seeing on this bike route is the Monsberg Cross or the late Gothic wayside shrine by Marx Schokotnigg.

Tip for the experienced: Why not try the Great Probst Round!